Haunting Runway Inspirations: Unearthing the Dark Side of Fashion

Haunting Runway Inspirations: Unearthing the Dark Side of Fashion

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Did you know that Wednesday isn't the sole eerie inspiration in fashion? With a touch less camp, some influences from the shadowy underworld can be found in collections that intertwine costumes and characters.

Upon closer inspection, monsters, ghosts, and other characters often, whether intentionally or not, bring forth excellent ideas for a more fashionable Halloween.

One of the standout moments from the past was the Winter 2019 collection in which Gucci recreated heads identical to those of their models, and they carried them as if they were accessories. In the same collection, other eerie elements also played a part in the overall look.






In 2013, with the theme "Horror Movie," the brand The Blonds presented a glamorous nightmare on the runway.




The theme was punk, but the theatrical references of the underworld are evident in Versace's autumn/winter collection in 2013.






Perhaps one of the brands renowned for its most peculiar and unexpected runway shows, Balenciaga would undoubtedly have its place in this article. The brand's runway show for summer 2023 was characterized by a punk butcher theme.




Ultimately, Schiaparelli's "Dante's Inferno" was not frightening; it turned out to be a graceful inferno with darkly dramatic elements.





That being said, which of these runway shows would you draw inspiration from for the 31st?


Written by Stephanie Wengerkiewicz

Stephanie is a seasoned Brazilian fashion stylist with over a decade of experience, combines client expectations with creative innovation. In 2021, she moved from Curitiba to NYC, a fashion hub, to pursue her passion for creativity in fashion, art, and beauty.