3 Sustainable and Timeless Trends

We are currently in autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere, that time of year when our wardrobes transition to a more neutral style for a very brief period before puffer jackets make their return. Winter arrives swiftly, and our mid-season clothes are soon stowed away. 

This period also coincides with the conclusion of one of the two annual major fashion weeks, and the streets are abuzz with new trends. Amidst all of this, I've identified three runway trends that align with our beliefs in personality and sustainability. 



Is the coolest fabric of the moment. It boasts high durability, allowing it to be worn for years, repurposed, and customized. Re(Blue) is one of our partner brands that uses upcycled products from the '90s to create their collections. 






"Chic" is the keyword, whether in classic or creative designs. Embracing the colors of the moment brings a modern twist, and Wymann serves as our inspiration for these looks. 







Black and White: 

Who doesn't have a black and a white piece in their wardrobe? Moving away from the traditional Chanel suit, we've embraced a comfy-chic style with Anselmi. It's a delight to step out in knitwear in this chilly weather while maintaining an elegant look. 







All the pieces bellow are available at our store! can't wait to see you there to try out these trends.


Written by Stephanie Wengerkiewicz

Stephanie is a seasoned Brazilian fashion stylist with over a decade of experience, combines client expectations with creative innovation. In 2021, she moved from Curitiba to NYC, a fashion hub, to pursue her passion for creativity in fashion, art, and beauty.