YUS (You & Us) are proof that fashion and beauty can, should and would be sustainable.  

We’re born from the partnership between BelaBrand, a conscious resort wear brand, and Souvie, an organic-certified cosmetics manufacturer. In 2023, our two founding brands with international presence became partners with the UN for meeting various SDGs.

From there, our goal is to create a solid support network to give visibility to more ethical and diverse designers, through an online or hybrid showcase, generating business opportunities and income for all involved. And less environmental impact. 

A collaborative platform for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, where buyers value pieces with unique design, handmade by small artisans, with practices of ethical and regenerative commerce, caring for the supply network and materials used, and ensuring a fair value chain for all professionals involved. You can also buy through our sustainable seals here.

The world doesn't need another fashion platform, but rather businesses that collaborate, strengthen, and generate value for a creative, diverse, and conscious community.

That’s how we see the future, with you here to grow together.

Come with YUS!