Our Journey Began on the Runway at NYFW

Our Journey Began on the Runway at NYFW

Born from a partnership formed during NYFW, we are the result of a collaboration between two extraordinary brands: BelaBrand known for their swimwear, and Souviea leader in organic skincare. 

Our journey began in the runway show, Apoteose, which celebrated the beauty of diversity. Models of all backgrounds, encompassing various shapes and sizes, took the runway, and this very idea has evolved into what we now proudly call YUS. 

The success of Apoteose was made possible thanks to the support of numerous individuals, including Letícia Colin, Letticia Muniz, Ju Ferraz, Gominho, and many more. 

From that very runway to the heart of our store, we've crafted a space that not only empowers women entrepreneurs but also celebrates the uniqueness of every individual. 

We invite you to explore YUS and become a part of our vibrant community. We'd love to see you at our store. We're open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11AM until 6PM, located on the 2nd floor at 116 Elizabeth St. 

All the pieces from the runway, including Souvie products, Eneene jewelry and BelaBrand's pieces, are available fro purchase at YUS.