Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Is Entrepreneurship For You?

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It is not for you who avoids the challenges that life presents. It is not for you who is terrified of unpredictability. It is not for you who prefers to find guilty instead of solutions. Entrepreneurship is about resilience. Focus. Risk. Instability. Persistence. 

November 19th is the date established by the UN to celebrate Women's Entrepreneurship Day. On this day, we invited our collaborator Mayara Castro to share with us some of her learnings in the decade living as an entrepreneur. 



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Autonomy and freedom are virtues that are part of the universe of entrepreneurs. But, it is only possible with high doses of responsibility and commitment. 

Be a leader. A true leader has a macro vision and knows everything that happens in the day-to-day of their business. She is the one who should direct, guide, hold the fort, and ensure that deliveries are successful. She leads by example and teaches leaders to become leaders. 

Create a routine: Take the lead in managing daily activities. Even if you work remotely, create habits that are non-negotiable and commit to them. This way, you can enjoy moments of focus, rest, and leisure wherever you are. 

Have focus: It’s better to dedicate a few hours working focused than many hours working distracted, right? Do not underestimate the power of small daily actions. Do what needs to be done. 

Find the rhythm: For everything to flow smoothly, every job needs consistency. Knowing what, how, and when each professional on your team enters the scene is essential for a harmonious and rhythmic day-to-day work. This is intrinsically linked to the health of your company. 

Have a vision of the future: Knowing where you want to go, even if everything changes in the end, is essential for your business to evolve and prosper. Have objectives, set goals, measure the time, effort, and energy needed, and go for it! 

Accept the Challenges: You may even try to predict the challenges that will arise along the way, but know: you will never have control over everything. And that's okay. In some cases, just accept that later problems will have to be solved later. 

Plan your rest: Rest is necessary every day - and not when your project is successful. From experience, I advise: learn to clear your mind if you want to avoid high doses of stress and a possible burnout. 

Take care of your health: Along with rest, regulate your routine by including a healthy diet, good nights' sleep, and physical activity. In addition to contributing to your productivity, this trio prevents you from getting sick and having to take time off from work.


Mayara Castro is a Brazilian journalist, speaker, voice over, content strategist and photograph enthusiastic.  She’s absolutely passionate about storytelling and in 2014 she decided to become an entrepreneur.

WMN (abbreviation of women) is the name of her own agency, specialized in digital narratives.  As a leader from a Brazilian women professionals team, Mayara is always traveling around the world looking for new brands who are interesting in creating their authentic expression on the digital platforms.